Beavercreek Golf Course Advisory Board

The Advisory board is comprised of individuals who bring a unique knowledge, experience and skill set to the management team at the Golf Course to ensure that needs of the public and the city are being met.  The Board can recommend pricing structures, promote and advocate on behalf of the golf course, recommend priorities for capital improvements needed for the course and advise the professional staff on current issues.  The board is advisory, and does not have formal authority to govern the organization and cannot issue directives that must be followed as in the case of governing or policy making boards
Mission:  The Beavercreek Golf Course Advisory Board advises the Director of Club operations on all issues at the course and gives recommendations to staff on the clubhouse, grounds, equipment and management needs.  The advisory board works to promote the game of golf and improve the efficiency, effectiveness and financial viability of the Beavercreek Golf Club. 
Current Advisory Board Members
Bob Doyle                  
Pete Bales                                              
Al Cummings                                          
Ron Taylor

  • Beavercreek Golf Club currently has no vacancies on this board.